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Marilyn Manson's Ex Says He Raped, 'Brainwashed' Her: 'I Survived A Monster'
Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson's Ex Says He Raped, 'Brainwashed' Her: 'I Survived A Monster'

Ashley Morgan Smithline, a lady who says she used to be involved with Marilyn Manson, is revolting against the passionate and actual injury she says she encountered on account of the stun rocker.

In an explosive People cover story published Wednesday, the 36-year-old blames Manson for assaulting her, securing her a "trouble makers room," slicing her and compelling her to participate in hard medications and liquor.

Smithline revealed to People she met Manson in 2010 and that "he tricked me in with this unending knowledge." They before long moved in together, she says, and the maltreatment started soon after. Smithline depicts Manson whipping her as she lay stripped and facedown on his bed, and says he misled her about the hour of day, passing out the windows so she'd forget about time.

Smithline revealed to People that Manson originally assaulted her while she was dozing, and that she woke up shouting with her arms tied.

"He continued advising me, 'You can't assault somebody that you're infatuated with,'" she said.

Smithline likewise says she dropped down to under 80 pounds on account of the maltreatment she endured, and that Manson cut her ribs, constrained her to watch self destruction scenes from motion pictures and once cut his initials into her thigh. She showed the scar in a photograph selective to People.

"I was programmed, and it causes me to feel appalling," she said, alluding to the scar.

Smithline disclosed to People the maltreatment proceeded for almost three years, as she kept on seeing Manson during his visit breaks until January 2013.

"I endure a beast," she told the magazine.

A representative for Manson revealed to People that the rocker "unequivocally" denies Smithline's cases. "This relationship, to the restricted degree it was a relationship, didn't most recent multi week," the assertion peruses partially.

Delegates for Manson didn't promptly react to Stardia's solicitation for additional remark.

At any rate 15 ladies have approached with charges against Manson, whose given name is Brian Warner. Recently, entertainer Evan Rachel Wood openly blamed Manson for manhandling her while they dated in the mid-to-late 2000s.

"I was conditioned and controlled into accommodation," Wood wrote in an enthusiastic Instagram post in February. "I'm finished living in dread of reprisal, defamation, or extortion. I'm here to uncover this hazardous man and get down on the numerous ventures that have empowered him, before he ruins additional lives."

Smithline disclosed to People that her "blame and disgrace" about what occurred with Manson "have diminished" since she associated with Wood, Esme Bianco and other asserted casualties. In any case, she says, she actually encounters night dread and side effects of over the top enthusiastic and post-awful pressure issue.

Peruse the full People story here.

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