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Ted Cruz's Slap At 'Emasculated' US Troops Can Be Traced Back To Hungarian Right-Wing

Ted Cruz's Slap At 'Emasculated' US Troops Can Be Traced Back To Hungarian Right-Wing

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted a Russian military video last week in a highly contentious message that a propaganda expert linked to Hungary's extreme right-wing.

According to Alexander Reid Ross, a fellow at the British Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right who specializes in tracking the spread of far-right propaganda, it was also circulated among American white supremacists before Cruz took it mainstream a week after its birth.

Cruz last week posted a video extolling Russia's brutish he-man troops, which was juxtaposed with a video of a woman recruiting for the US Army.

“Holy crap,” Cruz snarled. “Perhaps a woke, emasculated military isn’t the best idea,” he tweeted in a jab at American troops, later tweeting that American troops were on the verge of becoming “pansies.”

Maybe a woke, emasculated military isn't the best idea.... https://t.co/8aVFMW98NM — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) May 20, 2021

Cruz's message, as evidenced by the merged video uploaded to TikTok, was strikingly similar to one that surfaced earlier this month in Hungary, according to Ross.

Koskovics Zoltán, an analyst at the Center for Fundamental Rights in Budapest, compared the Russian and American military films, slamming the American film as “woke,” just as Cruz did. The “Fundamental Rights” center is linked to Hungary’s far-right government, which is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“None of this gives me hope for the future of the West,” Zoltán wrote on Twitter on May 13.

If you haven't seen it yet, this is the woke US Army ad. Decent artwork.https://t.co/w2s2yBgWs8 — Koskovics Zoltán (@KoskovicsZ) May 13, 2021

Compare this to the new American Army commercial. None of this gives me hope for the #West's future. https://t.co/Cf86lyITND — Koskovics Zoltán (@KoskovicsZ) May 13, 2021

According to Insider, the tweets were picked up by Russia's extreme right outlet Krasnava Vesnva and the conservative US blog Red State, and the two videos were discussed by Gavin McInnes, founder of the violent right-wing Proud Boys, on his YouTube channel on May 15.

According to Insider, the two films were finally merged in the TikTok post that Cruz boosted to the mainstream in his May 20 tweet after it made the rounds of U.S. white supremacist forums on Telegraph as well as international extremists including Russia's ultra-nationalist National Bolsheviks.

After an outpouring of rage from American veterans, citizens, and active-duty service members in response to Cruz's dismissive remarks about the United States military, the senator insisted in a tweet that Americans were the "finest fighting force on the face of the planet."

In response to criticism on Twitter that he was acting as a shill for Putin by promoting Kremlin propaganda about its mighty forces, Cruz (who has never served in the military) said, “I hate Communists.”

Russia, like Hungary, is not a communist country.

Russia is Communist now? Ted, what year do you think it is? You're being accused of being a stooge for right-wing authoritarians, and "I hate communists" isn't exactly germane. — Alexandra Erin (@AlexandraErin) May 22, 2021

According to Ross, the video's central message is that liberalism is weakening the United States in comparison to Putin's traditionalist, authoritarian Russia.

“The far-right in the United States picks up on pro-Kremlin propaganda because it supports efforts to undermine liberalism,” Ross explained.

Cruz has been contacted for comment by the Stardia.

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