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'Do It All Again,' By Matt Palmer, Is A Smooth Ode To Summer Romance
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'Do It All Again,' By Matt Palmer, Is A Smooth Ode To Summer Romance

Matt Palmer is having a great time this summer because he is in the midst of a new relationship, and he can't wait to tell everyone about it.

The Los Angeles-based pop artist debuted the video for his new single, "Do It All Again," on Friday. He said the song was written shortly after he started dating his current boyfriend, and it reflects "that kind of euphoric feeling you have during the early stages" of a romance.

“Good thing he was into me,” Palmer remarked, “or it could have really scared him off.”

“Do It All Again” appears on Palmer’s new EP, “The Good Parts,” which was released on Friday and which also includes the video for the EP’s lead single, “I Don’t Want It,” which he premiered earlier this month via The Advocate.

Despite the fact that he has been writing and recording music for over a decade, the singer told Stardia that his most recent work is more daring, both sonically and lyrically, than previous releases such as 2012's "Like the Ocean" and 2018's "Get Lost."

The video for Matt Palmer's "Do It All Again" can be seen below.

“I just wanted to try things I hadn’t been brave enough to try until now,” he explained. “I also had my hardest breakup and entered my healthiest relationship while writing this EP, so there’s a lot more shades of grey, lyrically.”

The unexpected downtime, Palmer said, was both "a positive and a negative" for him creatively, resulting in an artistic process that was "more in fits and starts" than usual.

Nonetheless, he hopes that listeners will find joy in "The Good Parts" and add his new songs to their playlists as June, also known as LGBTQ Pride Month around the world, approaches.

“I want it to make people happy,” Palmer said, adding, “We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, and hopefully ‘The Good Parts’ can be the perfect soundtrack for that!”

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